Import from Questions for Confluence plug-in

We build a tool that helps to import questions & answers from Questions for Confluence plug-in to our add-on Questions & Answers. Please download this tool here and follow these steps to import questions & answers.

1)  After downloading, extract the file to QuestionImporter folder, open Confluence.config file in this folder with Notepad

Edit its content:

The first line is the database type and the connection string to your Confluence database, the second line is the base url of your Confluence

[ORSQL] ;# Data Source=;User ID=confluenceuser;Password=mypasword;
[BaseURL] ;#

a) Database types and connection string:

Database types: Here are some values for some database types:

Microsoft SQL[MSSQL]

Connection string: use correct connection string of your database to import questions


+ Oracle: [ORSQL] ;# Data Source=;User ID=confluenceuser;Password=mypasword;

+ PostgreSQL: [PGSQL] ;# Server=;Port=5432;Database=confluence;User Id=userId;Password=PASSWORD

+ MySQL: [MYSQL] ;# server=;database=confluence;uid=confluenceuser;pwd=PASSWORD

+ Micrsoft SQL: [MSSQL] ;# Data Source=.;Initial Catalog=confluencedatabase;Integrated Security=False;User ID=confluenceuser;Password=PASSWORD;

b) Base url: this is the base url of your Confluence, it will be used to convert link in questions of Questions for Confluence. You can remove this line if your Confluence doesn't use context path in base url, for example:

+ Doesn't use context path:

+ Use context path:

Save the Confluence.config file after editing.

2) Click on the QuestionImporter.exe file to import questions & answers

3) After importing successfully, go to the Rebuild Search Index page in Confluence administration and click rebuild

You have finished importing questions & answers to Questions & Answers and ready to use!

Note: Some contents may display incorrectly because of format and pemission, for example: macro, file, ...

Thank you very much!