Swagger Editor and Swagger UI for Jira


A. Swagger UI

Swagger UI for Jira helps to add a link to your OpenAPI specification to Jira issue and view it inside Jira issue.

1. Open your Jira issue, click on and Click on API Specifications


2. API Specifications section will be added below your Jira Issue Description, click Add a API Specification


3. Input the URL of your OpenAPI specification, for example: https://petstore.swagger.io/v2/swagger.json and other configurations

Click Preview to preview your OpenAPI specification

Click Save to store this specification.

4. Click on the link to view your OpenAPI specification


B. Swagger Editor

Swagger Editor help you to design, describe, and document your API on the first editor fully dedicated to OpenAPI-based APIs.

To use Swagger Editor, click your User Profile to open Profile Menu, click on Swagger Editor

Swagger Editor will be opened for you to write your OpenAPI specification