Google Drive Connector for Confluence Server

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Getting Started


Quickly embed Google Drive files or folders

Select your Google Drive folders, files, documents, excels, images, videos, photos,... via the Google Picker to display in this macro, no URL pasting needed.

Keep everything together

Don't spend time going to different sites, make your Google docs available by embedding them in your team or project's Confluence pages.

One click to edit

Need to make an edit? Jump back into Google Drive to edit a document with just one click if you have permission.

More details:

Using the Macro feature you can insert files and Google documents into Confluence pages. The documents can be edited from the page are always updated to the latest version.

The following file types in Google Drive are supported:

    • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides
    • Images and PDFs
    • Audio and Video
    • Photos
    • Folders
    • And more...

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Select a file or folder to embed in Confluence

Embedded file in Confluence

Embedded folder in Confluence