Google Drive Connector for Confluence Cloud


Google Drive for Confluence helps you to embed Google Drive files into Confluence pages so you can easily view with your colleagues.

To embed your Google Drive file to a Confluence page, you need to follow these steps:

Open your Google Drive file, on the menu bar click File → Share. There are 2 options: Share with others, Publish to the web

a. Share with others: You can give access permission to your file, click Copy link to get the shareable link and click Done


b. Publish to the web: There are two tab: Link and Embed, click Publish button

In Link tab, you can copy the URL to use as your shareable link

In Embed tab, there is a HTML code which you can copy and use as your shareable link

2. Embed Google file to your Confluence page

Edit your Confluence page, add Google Drive Connector macro

Paste the shareable link which you have in step 1 to the URL field

Publish your Confluence to see your Google Drive file is embedded to your Confluence page.